Tough Chic on Melrose, West Hollywood.

January 14, 2010

Tini’s rockin the ‘tough chic’ look that I really dig. There are different versions of course, and I’m def feelin this one. Look at the details of her boots. Pretty amazing.

She was dealing with some serious iish but still managed to pull of a smile! Thanks Tini!



Friends: Angelique and Tsolair, LA

January 11, 2010

Angelique. the model

Tsolair. the designer/stylist/image consultant extraordinaire…

BFF steeze…

matching kicks ‘n’ all.

Troy on Melrose, Los Angeles

January 8, 2010

I’m back in NYC in like 25 degree weather (i.e. it snowed this morning); but I’ll continue posting photos from LA to make my cold-weather viewers jelly (or not?). To be honest– and you could read a bit more about this & my views on Los Angeles from last summer in another post here— I really enjoy changes in weather and how much difference it makes in peoples’ subjectivity insofar fashion is concerned.

This is the second time I have photographed Troy. Here’s the previous post, where there’s a legless mishap. woopz!

Thanks again Troy, see you around.


Clarice on Melrose, West Hollywood/LA

January 7, 2010

I ran into Clarice and her friend, who spent the day shopping and hanging out in the area. It was around 75 degrees– there were plenty of flip flops and skirts out, and that’s not what I was necessarily looking for– only a few fashionable folks stood out to me.

I particularly liked her vintage style shoes and use of color. She successfully layered in warm winter weather; that’s serious in my book!

I mean, look at her scarf! She even tied it like a ribbon. =)

Thank you Clarice.


Matt in West Hollywood, Opening Ceremony

January 6, 2010

Matt and I decided to hit up the Opening Ceremony in LA. I was really feelin some shoes there but they didn’t have my size. =(

We walked around quite a bit in the area – went to Urth Cafe and the Beverly Center Apple Store. I’m going to miss this dude.  Here’s to LSE or NYC, Matt.



PS. doesn’t he look like Tom Cruise in this picture?

oh, here’s another:

TowardStyle Re-Launch

December 7, 2009

the time is coming…

photoshoots are being planned (and soon executed). i will be in los angeles on the 20th. i plan on excavating some fashionable folk meshed in the spread out urban grid. i’ll hit multiple locations; details will be twitter’d and posted on the blog.

in the meantime… here’s a remix by a-trak of li’l wayne’s fireman so cold. guaranteed banger.

7.23.09 L.A.

July 23, 2009

I didn’t have much luck in LA. I didn’t go “out” as much as I thought I would. Second, when I did – and I mean this with utmost respect – I didn’t see anything that was striking.

I had a couple observations:

1. Weather. I used to think dry heat was “better than” the humid (and hot) weather people experience in places like NY. I’ve grown to like NY summer weather. In LA, I felt debilitated. Granted, I was in the San Fernando Valley, where it’s usually 5-7 degrees warmer than inner-city LA area. But when it’s already 95, 100 isn’t much worse. This really and seriously affects fashion. Which brings me to my related/corollary point.

2. Weather and City Affect Fashion. It’s very noticeable that people like to be comfortable in LA. I think people sacrifice less. This might be inherent to the city structure. Whereas in more condensed city spaces people have to sacrifice space, time and comfort because of population density and established public transportation, in LA most people drive everywhere. As I have described plenty of times to friends and family, in LA you leave your private home, enter your private garage, get in your private car/SUV, drive on public streets and highways that are privately subsidized, arrive at your private business… and do the same thing on the way back home. This could be comfortable, unless of course you’re stuck in traffic on the 405 or 101. I find myself experiencing the space with less spontaneity and interaction with the public. This is not to say that communities do not exist – ‘communities’ are weaved in larger more sprawling spaces. The notion of community needs to be discussed in larger detail, which I won’t do, but I will say that though LA has a ridiculously happening cultural base (and I predict that LA is going to give NY a run for its money in terms of art and culture in the next 10 years or less), it is inaccessible because of its draped design.

Really this can go on and on, but in my heart I love LA like no other.