Adriane. East Village, NYC.

February 1, 2010

subtle details.

thank you!



Romé. East Village, NYC

January 30, 2010

Yellow. East Village, NYC

January 30, 2010

Broadway, NYC (

January 20, 2010

These images are from my good friend Chris’s style blog

I feel like the details of his look are so well crafted. If I’m not mistaken, Chris told me the gentleman below designs his own clothes.

Photos by: Chris Reed from MLYB.

12.20.09 Stuck Mode in NYC

December 20, 2009

So I have a flight tomorrow, but I’m not sure of anything until I’m seriously on the plane and in the air. Wish me luck. I’m still trying to enjoy the blizzard aftermath! WOOOT

Snow Day 12.19.09

December 19, 2009

I just got home. It’s the day before I leave for Los Angeles. I expect my flight to be delayed in the morning, but I’m being hopeful it won’t be canceled and/or seriously delayed. I decided to do some last minute shopping and snow-frolicking, you know – New York stuff. Chris Reed and I drank hot cider and brandy out of his thermos and trekked the streets, from Mudd Coffee to Bloomingdale’s SoHo for a Narciso Rodriguez Musc I have been wanting for a hot minute, which my mother bought as one of my Christmas presents over the phone while I was there (I know, big fiasco, hella spoiled blah blah blah?). Then we managed strategically through UNIQLO for some wonderful, colorful (and not so colorful), goodies. We swung back up to the East Village for an impromptu Metropolis photoshoot and purchase-making sesh. I’ll now begin packing, drop Killer (our kitty) off at our neighbors, drink hot cocoa to warm up and see if my flight will be delayed in the morning. Anyhoo, today was an A+ day. Thank you, friends. Here are some of the photos from today. More coming on Chris’s blog, Might Like You Better. A few photos already up on!

Just found out my flight it canceled… wish me luck, I’m on hold with Virgin America.


TowardStyle Re-Launch

December 7, 2009

the time is coming…

photoshoots are being planned (and soon executed). i will be in los angeles on the 20th. i plan on excavating some fashionable folk meshed in the spread out urban grid. i’ll hit multiple locations; details will be twitter’d and posted on the blog.

in the meantime… here’s a remix by a-trak of li’l wayne’s fireman so cold. guaranteed banger.