8.19.09 Alec at the High Line, NYC

I often wonder what it really is to be fashionable, to have style… and I’m not necessarily referring to what it is to be a ‘fashionista’. Without going into much detail, I think that this is where my blog is different from the Sartorialist’s. The very definition of the word sartorial has to do with tailored clothes, and I think that’s mostly the ‘style’ Scott is after on his blog. I love everything about the Sartorialist and his work, but I think some things go unnoticed (which has been a criticism he’s received… he used to get comments like “why aren’t you ever in Brooklyn?” or “you need to venture off of 5th ave and explore other parts of the city…” (or other comments of that nature). He’s definitely addressed much of it. But I had a conversation with a friend about how there is/are a representative style(s) with every aesthetic type, i.e. “skater” style or “gothic” style or the ever so popular “hipster” style these days. However, most importantly, these categories might not even be necessary to have an aesthetic type/style. What I mean to say is that these ‘Other’ styles often go unnoticed by those photographing fashion, and they are especially underrepresented on the runways.

I think Alec represents something unique. When you first see him, you might wonder “what’s so fashionable about this dude?” or “what’s his style?” The first thing you’ll notice is his hair. Notice how it evolved, even during the shoot.



This one’s blurry, but I still think it’s great. He had just taken off the hair tie…



Look at the spectacle behind him. It compliments the mood. This was during sunset…


Thanks for taking a look. (and comments are really welcomed and appreciated).

Thank you, Alec!



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