8.11.09 Vernon in SoHo, NYC


A few things I really love about Vernon’s fit (in no particular order):

1. Tank/”wife-beater” (any one who knows me, knows that that’s been this weird, almost fetishized thing of mine this summer).

2. His cuffed pants almost look like they are a part of his shoes. It took me a second to realize they were pants and not the tongues of the kicks. Also, it’s nice to see someone not stuffing their pants into their high-tops… not that I have anything in particular against it. It’s just a little different.

3. *His cardigan (with collars, without sleeves). Anyone have a name for this? He said it was a Korean brand.

*this is actually my favorite part of his outfit.

Who says hot summers in NY can’t be fashionable? Thank you, Vernon.



2 Responses to 8.11.09 Vernon in SoHo, NYC

  1. iheartfilm says:

    I’m going to NY soon! Can’t wait.

  2. perspectivessliced says:

    Great! You’ll have a great time here.

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