06.03.09 Kostya on Broadway in Soho, NYC

Simply put, Kostya seemed like a bad ass dude. The all white fit is risky business in a city like New York. It’s also risky (in my opinion) from a fashion-perspective. There is something inherently elegant about being able to pull it off though, even if it wasn’t the look he was going for. His beautiful leather bag carried his essentials; I have a pic of him digging through it — it’s pretty amazing if any one wants to see it. Who would think to wear white and blue Adidas with this outfit? I forgot to ask him where he’s from since he had a slight accent, but if it is in fact Moscow, it explains everything. Parts of Russia, but especially Moscow have proven to be only for the daring in terms of fashion. My parents tell me even during Communist rule, “Moscow was always different…” They had more fashion and art than anywhere else in the Republic. Was it somehow given a pass? It surely wasn’t about revenue… or was it? I don’t know enough about the history, perhaps one of you does. Any way, thanks go out to Kostya!






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