Troy on Melrose, West Hollywood

I was looking through my archives since I haven’t posted in a while and I came across Troy’s picture I took with my OM-1. I absolutely love that camera, but I had some light leak, so some pictures were compromised. Unfortunately, Troy’s was one of them — his legs were cropped. I met him my last day in Los Angeles in April (4/20/2009) at a Starbucks and thought his fit was characteristic of several eras.


It’s really unfortunate his boots are not shown because they reminded me of older (18th/19th century) style boots, i.e. Hessian Boots. The bottom half of him could have passed for an 18th century European soldier. The top came off as more contemporary. Fashioned off by his hair, I definitely dug his style. I hope to run into him again during my next visit to LA.

(side note: I did a google search for Hessian boots–try it— some of the styles have really made a 21st century appearance).


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  1. […] is the second time I have photographed Troy. Here’s the previous post, where there’s a legless mishap. […]

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