4.20.09 Khaleel on Melrose in West Hollywood

When I was down in LA, my brother and I took a trip down to West Hollywood, we visited an old favorite place of mine on Sunset Blvd called Chin Chin‘s (a sort of American Chinese joint with great people-watching seats if you’re outside). After some food, we shopped around and found ourselves on Melrose. We ended up running into several fashionable folks, including Khaleel (pictured below). He was great; I explained to him my project and he was interested and loved the idea of me doing work, both in NYC and LA.


It’s important to note that I only had my Olympus OM1 35mm camera, so I didn’t know what was coming out! About Khaleel’s fit though, I especially liked his shoes. This was a particularly hot day in LA and he had the right idea with the jorts (jean-shorts!) and loose tank. I’m sure his natural slim figure will make anything look good– but this in particular had the right feel. It’s trendy, but experimental. It’s comfy for a hot day, but still has a lot of steeze. It’s balanced.


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